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Google fonts shows pairings for each font you select. Lustria, when use in big type, adds a flair to the design with a light feel and nice flourishes on the letterforms.

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I can recommend the website fonts in use to see common font pairin.

Minion pro font pairing. Super grotesk and minion pro: Type connection is a game that teaches you how to pair typefaces. Brandon grotesque and minion pro

When paired like that, these fonts can help you create an elegant and stylish web page. There’s no way to measure font options available for website designers. Minion is a serif typeface and is an old font released in the 20th century.

At a dash of handwritten flair with this font pairing Minion is a serif font. Keep in mind that fonts that are too contrasting may pull your design in opposite directions.

The serif lustria and sans serif lato (a quite popular web font) create an easy to read and interesting pair. They indeed make a classy pair. Just my type is a collection of type pairings from typekit and hoefler & co.

It makes a great pairing with lato (which translates as 'summer' in polish), a warm yet stable sans serif. The result is a type pair that’s. Due to its versatility, the reliable minion pro appears a few times in this list.

Super grotesk and minion pro What's a good font to pair with minion pro? Use font pairings that compliment or contrast each other.

If you're thinking about using minion then try 28px for headers. A serif typeface with 65 styles, available from adobe fonts for sync and web use. People commonly tag it as portfolio, design, serif, elegant, simple, classic, agency, sans serif, gallery and modernist.

Adobe fonts is the easiest way to bring great type into your workflow, wherever you are. When you look separately, the typefaces will be gorgeous. Explore minion designed by robert slimbach at adobe fonts.

I am 90 percent sure i am going to use minion pro for the body text. It is a legible font designed for body texts. Brandon grotesque and minion pro.

The challenge is not necessarily in the font pairing but in how they are used. Generate visual diversity by combining fonts that contrast or complement each other. offers suggested pairings for each font you select.

Gill sans (bold) & garamond Typeface combinations used in design books, elsewhere on the blog Be careful not to pair fonts that are visually identical as fonts that are too similar tend to clash.

Probably the most similar is crimson text. A font is a typeface in a single size and a single style. The minion pro family is a must for any designer’s arsenal.

But of free fonts that come in a reasonable range of styles so they might substitute for minion pro. Version 2.015;ps 002.000;core 1.0.38;makeotf.lib1.7.9032 site: It goes well with gill sans, proxima nova, avenir, open sans, lato, karla, clarendon, georgia and league gothic.

This font pairing won’t be the foremost obvious match, however that does not stop them enjoying off each other fantastically. Due to its versatility, the reliable minion pro appears a few times in this list. Like minion, it is loosely inspired by oldstyle serif typefaces of the.

But when you pair them, they will look hideous, like mixing ice cream and pickle into a blender. Both are available in a range of different weights and variants, making this font pairing nice and versatile. Read book design articles on his blog, and catch him on twitter.

As long as you maintain a certain contrast, you will be fine. Almost every day, there are new typefaces created. Myriad pro paired with minion pro if you’re new to pairing fonts, a good rule of thumb is to mix and match within the same font foundry (those cool people who design fonts).

The assumption is you’re more likely to find similar and/or complimentary design characteristics. There are a ton of resources online to help you find great fonts to pair: There are no free fonts that are “exactly identical” to minion pro (a typeface by robert slimbach, for adobe).

Josefin slab and patrick hand Give 14px a shot for content.


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